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Images of Wildlife / Bears  / Tracks and signs all around

Tracks and signs all around

Sometimes part of the fun with wildlife is looking for tracks and signs and this trip has proved no exception. Even though the last couple of days have been much quieter on the bear front (apart from finding a new set of black bear cubs) we have seen many signs that both bears and other predators are still prolific in the area.

The most exciting has been finding many signs of wolf and cougar activity, although it’s unlikely we will see another wolf or a Cougar (especially given that we are almost at the end of the trip) the adrenelin stilll pumps when you come across these signs. At one location we found what clearly appeared to be wolf scat and remains of a kill. It was also one of those occasions where you felt you were being watched, and perhaps we were! Below is just a few shots of some of the tracks and signs we have come across here in Jasper.

Black bear tracks (front & back)

Coyote tracks (front)

Grizzly scat (one huge pile!)

Wolf scat and hair remains

Wolf scat with bone fragments and hair visible

Bear scratching post!

Possible cougar kill site (bone fragments around tree)



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