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Leaving Moremi……anyone for more Wild dog!

After four days of spending morning and evenings with the dogs we finally had to bid farewell to our canid friends. We were both terribly sad to have to leave them as in the short time that we had spent with them we had grown quite attached to these fascinating creatures and had started to identify certain ‘personalities’ within the pack. However, all good things have to come to an end and we had more exciting adventures to come.

Before leaving Moremi and moving onto the Savuti section of the Chobe reserve we had one night in North gate.

That night we had excitement in camp as three elephants stomped in and fed close to our tent, tearing off branches and feeding for around 30 minutes before moving off.

In the morning we had decided to look for lion and started in an area of open plains with plenty of plains game. We had been searching for around 2.5 hours with no luck and had started to track back toward the gate as by now we had to start thinking about making the long journey to Savuti.

We cut through a final section of dense bushes and out into one last open area just a couple of KM from the gate. As we did we had a rather nice suprise!

Not lion, but more Wild Dog! We were momentarily speechless before the usual chaos of cameras being mobilised. Here along the road and resting sat 11 adults and we are fairly confident the same pack we had photographed the same time last year. This trip seemed to be turning into the ‘year of the dog’!

The dogs remained stationary for around 20 minutes and although the light was a little harsh we captured a couple of nice shots. It was not long though until they started to taunt a small herd of wildebeest deep in the bushes, testing to see if there were any likely candidates to hunt. However, similar to our experience a few days prior the solely adult group remained in a tight group and pushed the dogs away. Soon after they trotted off and we were able to follow them for a short distance before they came to a halt and rested, this time off the road and with no tracks nearby.

It was as if history was repeating, last year we had the exact same experience, encounting the dogs (our first time ever to see dogs) just as wewere due to leave for Savuti. These are the kind of delays we can live with!

So we said goodbye to what was now our second pack of wild dog and made our way to Savuti. However, soon after encountering somewhat of a ‘roadblock’ by way of a very deep river crossing. We ‘ummed and arred’ asto how deep it was and just as we were about to ‘walk’ the crossing to check the depth a local truck came by which was a great opportunity to see how tricky it could be. With a little advice as to which route most people had taken we embarked on the crossing.

It was around 50 metres across and in the middle quite some depth, almost reaching the bonnet but well handled by Andy who took the crossing inhis stride and across the other side safely.

The rest of the journey was the same dry deep sandy undulating track that we had taken last year over the sand ridge and finally after 4.5 hours we had reached Savuti.

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