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Red kite action in the Chilterns

It’s fair to say that we travel far and wide in search of exciting photographic opportunities and adventures. In doing so spending countless hours on planes and with the usual hassle of towing what feels like half a house full of luggage!

However, it’s sometimes easy to forget what great wildlife and photographic opportunities there are available closer to home. With this in mind we have been taking the opportunity to explore the local area a little more frequently of late, to appreciate the local British wildlife that is on offer.

Just 45 minutes away from our home and amid the rolling hills of the Chilterns there is a beautiful wildlife haven. A place that we have visited many times, and for Andy since he was a young child.

Sunset in the Chilterns


The area is home to miles of old woodland mixed with natural undulating grazing land. The lambing season has been in full swing over the last couple of months, the surrounding fields abundant with spritely youngsters.

However, it is the rapters of the area that draws us here, especially the red kites. The kites are often seen here in good numbers, soaring high above with their haunting call echoing in the woodland. A beautiful bird of prey that provides a fabulous photographic subject with its impressive aerobatic displays.

Granted they are not easy subjects to photograph! Sometimes moving at speeds that are a challenge to keep up with.

Red kite on a mission!

As a result of the countless hours we have spent here over the last few weeks we have had some fabulous red kite sightings. With even the odd buzzard or Kestral making an occasional appearence.

“Oops! I dropped my stick” Red Kite

A reminder to never discount your local area for great wildlife experiences without the expense of an air fare!

Keep checking our recently added’ gallery as we load on new content, including lots more kites!

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  • George Gray
    12th June 2015 3:00 pm

    Hi Andy & Sarah
    Love the images of the Kites
    Note the Robin has been crowned Britain’s National Bird with 34% of the votes
    However, I feel the Red Kite did very well in 5th place with 6% of the votes
    George Gray

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