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Lions finally captured on the night cam!


For many years we have positioned a remote camera in our camps in the wild at night, capturing all manner of African species large and small as they go about there nocturnal business.

However, as yet we have not had success with capturing any of the ‘big cats’. We have heard them close to our camps, and one night in the Maasai Mara even had a leopard scent marking our vehicle yet somehow they always seemed to evade the camera. That is until July of this year when we finally ‘struck gold’ in Moremi Game Reserve in Botswana.

Not only did we capture lion on the camera but we managed to capture three of them! Three adult male lions as they passed just metres from our comfy roof tent.

You can imagine the excitement in the ‘Skinner Camp’ that morning!

The three males we captured on the camera were the same coalition of males that we had been photographing that day, around 9 years old whom we heard roaring close by in the night. In the morning it was like all out Christmas’s had come at once……

Happy campers indeed!


Male number 1 – the first to walk past our camp


Closely followed by the 2nd male


Finally the third in this strong male coalition

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  • Wilbert
    22nd November 2015 8:54 pm

    My daughter and I were there just a lltite over a week ago and it all seems like a glorious dream. I look at my pictures often and my daughter and I share memories often over the phone. I cannot say enough about the attention to detail and the kindness of everyone on the staff.Morn was a wonderful guide; very knowledgeable and still thrilled with finding and viewing the animals. Elvis was a talented tracker and we all loved them both.I will be back again someday (the good lord willing) and my daughter is trying to talk her partner into taking a return trip someday as well.Thank you so much for all the memories!

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