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Life in the freezer – Part 2. Capturing the Northern Lights over an unfrozen lake

I still have literally hundreds (actually probably thousands!!) of images that I have still not even gone through yet on my computer but at the risk of waiting until I return it feels about time to start sharing a few images that I have taken during my first three months here in Abisko, Sweden. It really has been a full on season with so many amazing shows of the aurora.

Abisko certainly is one amazing place in which to experience this natural wonder, both for the reason that we are so far north and catch just about any aurora going and also that we are lucky to have so many cloud free nights thanks to somewhat of a micro-climate in the area.

On my evenings off from guiding with Lights over Laplan, and in the early part of the season my primary focus was to capture the lights over the lake in the hope of some nice reflections. It is remarkable to see how different the images can be with both a difference in light provided by a moon, or even no moon and by changing compositions and of course by seeing different auroras. Anyone that ever asks me ‘do I get bored with seeing the aurora’ my response is “Hell no”  you can certainly see how much it can change and EVERY time the northern lights shows it is always so different.

Below are just a few of the images I have taken over the lake, in the period of between late November and early January before the ‘big freeze’ set in. I am sure I will be adding more to this list as I finally get to go through them all!


Who says you cannot see aurora in a full moon? Lake Tornetrask and Mount Nuolja during the full moon late November


Incredible colours and shapes looking south toward Lapporten, (the ‘Gateway to Lapland’) in early December.


Mount Nuolja gets centre stage for this image whilst standing at the lake under a huge aurora!


Early January and not long before the big freeze sets in


Looking north toward the Ski resort of Bjorkliden


Icy rocks leading into a bright green aurora

Sarah. Meteor Shower

The northern lights combined with a meteor shower

Over the next few blogs I will post more Northern light images that will feature a very different looking Lake Tornetrask and more images of beautiful aurora as well as some of the stunning landscapes around the area of Abisko.


















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