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Images of Wildlife / Travel (Page 9)

Duma Delight!

On the afternoon of the 11th we decided to head over to an area North East of Mara Intrepids where a cheetah mother and two older cubs had been spotted. It was a bit of a long shot given that they had been seen many hours earlier...

Some familiar faces!

On the morning of the 11th we set out at 6am on a mission to again try and see Olive and her cubs. As we arrived at the current den site is was clear that our early start had paid off. Within just five minutes of arriving Olive revealed herself, but lying deep inside a bush and against a low...

Bute Inlet – September 15th 2011

After a two hour drive from leaving Telegraph Cove we arrived at our next port of call - Campbell River. After a restful nights sleep we awoke to heavy rain which looked as if it was not going to relent at all. Our forecast of approaching bad weather the day before had sadly been correct. This was not going to...