• Wildlife Safaris – Trip Reports

    Below you will find links to our PDF’s which provide a brief game report and summary of sightings following each of our wildlife safaris and photographic tours across Kenya, Botswana and Canada. Game reports from our wildlife safaris will generally be loaded on within 2-3 months of returning.

    If you wish to join us on one of our photographic safaris then please do contact us. You can also discover more about our wildlife safaris HERE

    To access our game reports from the Maasai Mara and Botswana please click on the trip title or thumbnail image below to access our PDF wildlife photographic safari reports.


    August 7th – 18th. Wildlife Photographic safari in Botswana with Andy & Sarah Skinner

    Botswana wildlife safaris





    June 11th – 18th Big Cat Safari. Maasai Mara with Andy & Sarah Skinner

    Kenya wildlife safaris





    February 22nd-28th Big Cat Safari. Maasai Mara with Jackson Looseyia & Sarah Skinner

    Kenya wildlife safaris