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We have listed below a selection of our most frequently asked questions regarding our photographic safari tours. if you have additional questions please do feel free to email us using our contact form
1. Tell me a little bit more about your safaris

We currently host a number of small group wildlife photographic safaris to Kenya, Botswana, Tanzania, Uganda, India and Canada. With over fourteen years experience of visiting Africa and multiple trips to Canada we visit locations that we have travelled to many times and during this time have gained a vast knowledge of the area and the many animal species that roam the vast plains of this magnificent continent. We would love for you to join us in our travels to the most wildlife rich areas of the globe, where the wildlife is prolific with an abundance of photographic opportunities to match. Do also keep regularly checking our website for new dates and destinations.

Our hosted small-group wildlife photographic  safaris are generally based on groups of only 6-8 people and we operate with at least 2 game viewing vehicles for these group sizes. This ensures plenty of space for each person in game viewing vehicles and a more personalised experience overall. We always provide a good amount of time in each location, rather than a ‘whistle stop tour’. Our safaris operate in areas where outstanding game viewing and photographic opportunities exist and are open to both photographers and also non-photographers. We encourage anyone to join who has a genuine interest in wildlife as well as both amateur and experienced photographers. We spend lots of time out in the field and therefore we welcome those along who are prepared to be flexible and patient out in the field. This certainly reaps dividends of providing good wildlife sightings and ultimately increases photographic opportunities.

fgasa_logo2015_final_nobinos-288x300Our focus on our safaris is to provide a high level of service and ensure the utmost satisfaction for our guests.  On all of our private and group wildlife photographic safaris we ensure we work with the local guides to ensure we are well positioned at sightings to ensure the maximum potential available for both wildlife viewing and photographic opportunities. In addition to maximising the available light opportunities to the best photographic advantage.

We provide plenty of photographic tuition out in the field to ensure maximising all photographic opportunities to their best advantage and we share our vast experience of photographing the endemic mammal & bird species. Providing advice at both a basic or a more advanced level, the extent of which is very much dependent on each individual guest preference. We always discuss with each guest what they wish to achieve from their safari or tour and as such cater our advice at a bespoke level for each person.

Our common goal is that all guests have an interest in wildlife and a willingness to stay out in the field for long periods to maximise all wildlife sighting opportunities, regardless of photographic knowledge or equipment.

2. Do we also use local guides on our wildlife safaris?

p1040254-2We believe having the additional knowledge of local guides is paramount for a good safari and importantly assists in benefiting tourism on a local level. On all of our wildlife photographic safaris we use friendly local registered field guides, who have a vast knowledge of the area and its endemic wildlife. In addition many of these guides are also keen photographers themselves and are used to hosting photographic groups and therefore understanding the importance of vehicle positioning to maximise opportunities.

We work with the local guides during your safari to ensure we are well placed at sighting to maximise the photographic and light opportunities available and together with the experienced local guides we share insight into the many interesting behaviours we witness. Occasionally we feature a ‘special guest on our tours, where either one of us will co host with this guest host. We have been delighted to have worked on numerous occaisons with some of Africa’s most renowned and highly rated field guides. Such as the former BBC Big Cat Diary presenter Jackson Looseyia, and another ones of Kenya’s finest guides Paul Kirui. Having an excellent and highly rated local guide is an important factor we ensure on all of our safaris .

3. What locations do we currently offer for our wildlife photo tours?

We currently run wildlife photographic safaris to Kenya, Tanzania, Botswana, Uganda, India and Canada. All offering incredible wildlife and photographic opportunities and areas where we have a vast travel experience. We are continually adding new destinations so please do let us know if you wish to be put on mailings as we launch new safaris for 2018 and beyond.

4. Will my tour be hosted by both Andy & Sarah Skinner?

We both host the safaris, with one photographic host in each game vehicle. We generally occupy the seat next to the local guide/driver and therefore this ensures that we do not encroach upon the main space for guests in the game vehicle. Where group sizes fall below a certain number (Usually below 3 or 4 people – this detail is always specified in the tour brochure) then your tour will be accompanied by either Andy or Sarah Skinner. Providing a photographic host in each vehicle ensures an excellent guest to host ratio and allows us to provide high levels of service for each client. To find out more about us CLICK HERE

5. Do we offer privately hosted photographic tours?

Yes, absolutely, so if you do not see any tours that fit your needs below then please do contact us if you wish to arrange a personalised and privately hosted wildlife safari. We are also able to organise bespoke wildlife safaris that are non- hosted. We are able to cater for any number of guests, from solo travellers to larger groups and can customise your private safari as you wish using our travel expertise and relationships with local camps and lodge accommodation across India, East and Southern Africa and North America.

6. Where can I find feedback from previous guests?

Client feedback is very important to us and we are delighted that we welcome back many repeat guests on our trips. We have dedicated page on this website that lists some of the client feedback received from our guests.  Please CLICK HERE to view these.

7. How do we cater for single travellers?

Many of our guests are single travellers and we recognise that on many other tours in the market single supplements can be very high. We have therefore worked to secure very competitive agreements with many of the local operators and camps to ensure we can keep the supplements as low as possible (at present varying from only £75 – £435). Where a single supplement is paid this will guarantee sole occupancy throughout your stay. Please note this is all based on availability at the time of booking. Where you are a single traveller but wish to share we will do our best to partner your with another single traveller wishing to share. Should we not be able to partner you with a single traveller of the same sex the single supplement will apply.

8. How many people do we allocate per vehicle?

We recognise through our vast travel and photography experience that the number of people per vehicle can greatly effect your overall wildlife safari experience, especially for photographers. We therefore ensure on all of our tours that there is ample room for every guest in a vehicle, only using those vehicles that we feel will provide space and room for both guest and camera equipment.

The number of people per vehicle does vary depending on the location. However, it is never more than 4 guests per game viewing vehicle. For example our Botswana and Kenya wildlife safaris ensures no more than 4 guests in a 8- seater vehicle, therefore providing ample space for everyone. In Tanzania and on selected Kenya tours we feature just 3 people per vehicle which allows a whole row of seats for each guest. All of our games viewing vehicles used offer excellent visibility for wildlife viewing and photography. Generally with open roofs and also open/canvas sides. Please see the individual tour brochures that provides detail of the safari vehicles used and the maximum number of guests in each safari vehicle.

9. Do I need to be an experienced photographer to join one of your tours?

In short the answer to this one is no! we absolutely welcome anyone with a keen interest in wildlife, whether you are a keen or serious photographer or not. Also welcoming both amateur and the more seasoned photographers. The main concept of all of our tours is all about maximising wildlife viewing,  photographic and light opportunities. Providing photographic tuition that is tailor-made for each guest.

Providing you are happy to be patient and are prepared to be flexible throughout the day  and spend as much time in the field as possible to maximise light, photographic and wildlife viewing potential then you are absolutely welcome!

We focus on providing a less hurried experience, spending ample time at sightings in line with our guests requests. So although sometimes our days can be long with early starts it certainly brings huge rewards of a portfolio of great images and wildlife experiences. Together with great memories embedded for many years to come.

10. What pre-trip advice do we provide?

Our support and advice starts from the moment you book your safari with us. We will be happy to assist with any pre trip advice on what cameras and lenses are best suited to your trip. We can share ample experience to ensure you feel you are well equipped prior to your safari. In addition to providing packing advice on other items that will ensure you can make the most of your safari. In addition we provide essential advice regarding any visa requirements and we also assist in questions with regard to your arrival and international flights. This is provided in a document that is sent ahead of your safari in a detailed PDF document.

11. What photographic tuition do we provide?

On all of our private and group tours we provide plenty of photographic tuition out in the field to ensure maximising all photographic opportunities to their best advantage and we share our vast experience of photographing the endemic mammal & bird species. Providing advice at both a basic or a more advanced level, the extent of which is very much dependent on each individual guest preference. This can be discussed with each guest at the beginning of a safari or prior to travelling as to what your specific needs are.

We offer a wide scope of advice which of course includes the use of light (back lighting, rim lighting and front lighting) and also how to use your camera settings to achieve different results in the field. As well as providing many tips and tricks to improve your photography. For those who wish to push the boundaries with their photography we share advice and help on the use of creative techniques, such as high and low key and also panning techniques.

At the start of your safari we will discuss with you all individually as to what you wish to achieve and get out of your photography tour, ensuring our advice is tailor-made for each guest.

Back in camp we provide image review sessions as a group or individually, using programs such as Lightroom and Photoshop CC.  In which we can provide advice and recommended workflow of post processing your images. We travel with our own mac laptop and have this software loaded on to assist with live examples. Once you are back home were are also happy to provide any help with advice on your images from the trip. Our mantra is focused on ensuring a relationship that continues after the trip has finished and most importantly a personalised experience for all, whatever you level of photographic knowledge.

wildlife photo safaris Botswana
12. Does our accommodation provide power charging facilities?

Yes! In all of the permanent tented camps and lodges used there are ample charging facilities for your camera batteries and electronic equipment. This will either be in your room or in a central lounge area. In many of the game viewing vehicles used there are also power charging facilities. On our mobile camping safaris in Botswana an inverter is provided at camp that will allow you to charge all of our items so that you can remain fully charged during our trips. In addition the game vehicles feature power charging facilities available for use while on the go.

Therefore. there is always a provision on every safari to be able to recharge batteries and laptops

13. Do we provide beanbags for cameras and lenses?

We have a supply of good quality photo bean bags (suitable for small & large lenses) that we are happy to loan to guests free of charge for the duration of the safari or alternatively we can also prearrange the filling material needed for our own bags that you wish to bring yourself. We will gather this information prior to your safari as to which option you would like to take.

13. Can I hire camera equipment from you?

We do not ourselves provide camera or lens hire. However, as of April 2016 we are delighted to have partnered with the UK’s market leading lens hire company Lenses for Hire to offer a 25% discount! to UK based guests who have booked one of our wildlife photo safaris. If you wish to take advantage of this please contact us after booking to receive your dedicated and exclusive code that you can enter at the check out with Lenses for Hire and receive your 25% discount.  Click here to view the Lenses for Hire website.

At present Lenses for hire is not able to provide hire for guests coming from outside of the UK. However, there will be many options for you to hire locally in your own home country.

wildlife photo safaris

14. Will I have access to wifi/internet on safari and/or mobile phone reception?

This very much varies upon the country and location. In most camps used in India, Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania they have both wifi access and also a good mobile phone signal. However, in locations such as Botswana we are often in remote locations and where there is generally no wifi or phone signal. However, your hosts will carry a satellite phone for emergency use. In Canada and other countries the provision of wifi and phone signal varies for each property.

Please enquire with us for the specific tour as to the mobile phone signals and provision of wifi.

15. How do I book a place on the tour & what is the deposit required?

To make a booking on one of our wildlife photo safaris or to simply enquire for more detail please contact us at guarantee a space we ask for between 25-30% deposit (amount varies by safari) at the time of booking with the remainder of the balance due 12 weeks prior to departure. You can pay by either credit or debit card, and also via bank transfer. All payments made are financially protected though our membership of Protected Travel Services.

16. Do we also arrange non-hosted bespoke safari itineraries?

Absolutely. In addition to the group wildlife photographic safaris and photo tours above we are also able to arrange and design a private and bespoke itinerary for your wildlife (non-hosted) safari. We are able to cater for any number of guests, from solo travellers to larger groups and can customise your private wildlife safari as you wish. Arranging and booking all components of your tour as needed and where you will benefit from our vast knowledge of East and Southern Africa and North American destinations. Together with benefiting from our local contact base and the excellent rates that we enjoy with local ground operators and accommodations. We focus on ensuring your experience will meet all of your expectations and delivers a carefully planned itinerary that is suited to your preferences and budget.

Should you wish to also be hosted by Andy and/or Sarah Skinner we can also put together your own privately hosted group. For groups sizes of 4 or more people we can often price at the same price as one of the group trips above. We can work with you to design your perfect itinerary, with accommodation and duration to suit all of your requirements and budgets, plus offering you a choice of who you would like as your photographic tour leader.

17. Is my booking financially protected?

Yes, absolutely. Our safari tours are offered by our own company Images of Wildlife Photo Tours & Safaris  that operates as a legal entity. Our company is registered in the UK with Companies House as a limited (Ltd.) company and we are a member of Protected Travel Services (Membership Number: 5221). We take your financial protection seriously and we provide assurance that the moment your deposit is paid all monies you pay to us are financially protected in line with the 1992 Package Travel Regulations and we hold the relevant tour operator insurances in line with UK legislation to provide you with complete peace of mind.

As full members of Protected Travel Services we are able to offer the highest financial protection. All monies you pay to us are financially protected in line with the 1992 Package Travel Regulations via a trust account. This means that your funds are secure in an independent trust account and will be protected against our failure from the moment you pay to the day that you return from your trip. This includes protection for the initial deposit and subsequently the balance of all monies paid to the trust account, arising from cancellation or curtailment of your travel arrangements due to the insolvency of Images of Wildlife Ltd or any of our local suppliers paid from the trust account

We are able to take payments for deposits for and final balances via credit or debit cards using ‘SagePay’ and also via bank transfer. The trust account into which consumers money is placed in to is a travel Industry recognised account that is monitored and controlled by independent trustees.

18. Can I add extensions to my tour?

Yes. In most cases be easily arranged and a quote can be provided should you wish to add an independent extension before or after the tour. We are also able to book extra nights at the hotels we use as the starting point for the tours.

Please do enquire with us if you wish to arrange an independent extension to your safari or tour.

19. Where can I find terms & conditions?

We are happy to provide terms & conditions prior to any potential booking. We also send our full terms & conditions to you in your booking pack at the point in which you request to reserve a space on one of our tours.

20. Is my deposit refundable?

Unfortunately not. As we have to pay our suppliers to secure your place our deposits are non-refundable. In exceptional circumstances and where at least 6 months notice is provided and where you advise cancellation of within 30 days of booking we may be able to roll your deposit  over to another tour. However, this will be discussed on a case by case basis and cannot be guaranteed.

21. Can we guarantee wildlife sightings?

We have extensive experience in the locations we visit and we ensure that each safari is optimised at the best time and in the best areas to maximise wildlife viewing. Therefore, we can be very confident that you will view the main species that are listed as a focus for the individual tours. However, as wildlife viewing is very much dependent on natural events and is beyond our control sightings of specific species cannot be guaranteed.

22. Do I need vaccinations for the safari?

The answer to this depends on each of the locations specifically as medical advise can vary for each destination. Although we are not legally qualified to provide medical advice we do assist in providing an overview of generally what vaccinations are required for each area. It is suggested that prior to your tour you visit your travel clinic a minimum of 8 weeks prior to travel to ensure you are adequately protected for your safari. For up to date travel advice for each location the following websites below can assist.




23. Can we cater for specific dietary requirements?

Absolutely, yes.  We are able to cater for a large range of dietary requirements and allergies on our safari tours. Providing you advise us on your booking form (which is sent as part of your booking pack when securing your place) and advise us at least 4 weeks prior to the travel date.

24. I have a question not listed here

We are happy to help answer any additional questions you may have regarding ourselves, the tours and the locations we visit. Plus providing assistance with pre trip advice and planning. Should you have a question that we have not been able to answer here then please do contact us at or simply complete a contact form and we will endeavour to answer your reply within 72 hours.